'Spell & Tales' often unveil themselves through my exploration of materials and natural curiosity.

I continue to seek beauty and tales

in many places where I have been wandered around,

finding ways to transform the ordinary and every day.

Through my work, I pass on my need for discovery, escape,

and inspiration to other like-minded

and adventurous souls.


Spell & Tales is a brand that has been inspired

by  mystical methodologies.

'Himmaphan forest' folktales and 'combined-animal' lore

transcended through many generations.

I wish for my creations to embody similar attributes

to the legend of this forest.

The logo is meticulously drawn to capture

the essence of surrealism of a curious creatures

with my favourite humming bird and butterfly properties.

Get closer...

and you might learn this creature has many spell & tales to tell...

- View K.-

Creative Director

© 2017 by View K.

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